Bildhalle, Zürich


«Hennric Jokeit presents his latest photographs exclusively in the form of negative images. On account of this severity, his work reflects characteristics of the photographic medium on the threshold from analog to digital image. As a neuroscientist he is aware of the irritation the negative image brings to visual perception. It evokes a deceleration of Vision. Mindful of this knowledge, Jokeit’s images deliberately provoke a perception that clashes with vision that is overwhelmed by the flood of new media images in everyday life. More decisive for the artistic content of his pictures is, however, the question of the fundamental meaning of the negative in times of excessive emphasis on the Positive in all areas of life. Jokeit’s images insist on the fundamental value of the negative as a condition for the Better, the Positive. His themes show modern urban architecture, industrial plants, the simplest of houses, even dwellings, interiors, rubbish, but also nature. Intact as well as dilapidated and decayed. All places appear abandoned, any form of life extinguished. Emptied in such a way, not to say dehumanized, the negative image resonates a secret. At the same time, they can be understood as an impulse, a challenge to negate the negatively perceived world.»

Enno Kaufhold, Berlin, 2014 (excerpt)


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