GOODHOPE – THE BOOK – coming soon

Hennric Jokeit has produced photographs reflecting a unique vision of Cape Town. The photographic aesthetic has a transforming effect, creating a situation where the images linger in the mind.  The viewpoint straddles numerous dimensions of reality.

Roger Ballen, Photographer

In 2009 photographer Hennric Jokeit visited Cape Town for the first time. Over the next six years, he frequently returned to this port city and tourist destination to make photographs in his distinctive photonegative style. As a neuroscientist he is aware of the irritation the negative image brings to visual perception. It evokes a deceleration of vision. His images deliberately provoke a perception that clashes with vision that is overwhelmed by the flood of new media images in everyday life. More decisive for the artistic content of his pictures is, however, the question of the fundamental meaning of the negative in times of excessive emphasis on the Positive in all areas of life.
GOODHOPE / Hardcover, Clothbound, 116 Pages / 23.5 x 27.5 cm / Peperoni Books Berlin / Essay by Sean O’Toole / € 45.00 / ISBN-13: 978-3-941825-23-3